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The penalties for a Muldrow, Oklahoma DUI

  • Time in Jail

  • $1,000s in Fines

  • Loss of Driver's License

  • Alcoholic Assessment and Classes

  • Ignition Interlock Device

  • Up to 240 Hours of Community Service

This Muldrow DUI attorney, has a proven track record and can help you defend a Muldrow DUI Arrest. I can obtained acquittals or dismissals for our clients who have been falsely accused of a DUI or DWI.   This experienced Attorney will fight for your rights in any criminal defense case in Muldrow, Oklahoma.   Don't let the Muldrow Police take advantage of you.  Know your Constitutional Rights and call the best Criminal Defense Lawyer for Muldrow, Oklahoma. 

Muldrow Oklahoma DUI Lawyer & Attorney
Muldrow Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyer