After being arrested for drunk driving in Sallisaw, Poteau, Muldrow, or Spiro, DUI lawyer advice is necessary. Michael Pierce has the experiance necessary and is ready to extend his services to your case.

It is normal to be worried about the penalities that come with a DUI charge in Oklahoma because the consequenses are serious.  You can expect to lose your license for a period of time, pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fines, and possibly go to jail. That is why you are wise to try to avoid these consequences by hiring a DUI lawyer.

I will look at all the details of your case so we can decide how to approach it. We may gather evidence in your favor, talk to witnesses, and try to find mistakes made by the police officers and prosecution team. At the very least, we can usually negotiate the charges so the penalties are much milder than usual.

If you are not sure if an Oklahoma DUI lawyer can help you, we encourage you to attend an initial consultation before deciding. 

I handle DUI charges in Sallisaw, Poteau, Muldrow, Seqouyah County, and Leflore County.

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