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The loss of your drivers license can impact your work, family, and overall quality of life. If you enter a guilty plea or no contest for your DWI, the fees and expenses incurred for your charge of driving while intoxicated could reach over $10,000. This doesn’t include the time, money, and energy of securing alternative transportation to get to work, to drop your kids at school, to run errands, and to go out. As your Van Buren DWI attorney I want you to remember, the loss or suspension of your driver’s license will take effect 30 days after the arrest if you don’t ask for a hearing within 7 days to contest the charge. This Van Buren DWI lawyer from the Gean law firm in Fort Smith will offer you his expertise at this hearing and will work to prevent your license from being suspended. Having our law firm represent you on your DWI charge could be the difference between the loss of your license, jail time, and other harsh terms imposed by the judge—and small fines, probation, community service, or the possibility of having the charges dropped.

A Van Buren DWI lawfirm attorney will make certain that all of the administrative procedures were followed in your arrest and that the evidence collected has been processed correctly. Our Van Buren DWI criminal lawyer will also work with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to review the validity of the case and to discuss other options that might be available. These are tasks that you can’t accomplish if you represent yourself; but an attorney from the our Van Buren criminal DWI Law Firm has done this successfully for other clients, and will do so for you.

Don't attempt to represent yourself in Van Buren District Court or Crawford County Circuit Court without somone who knows your rights!